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GitHub Notifications & Activities on your Desktop

AKA "TweetDeck for GitHub"

Create columns for the repositories and people that matters to you; Receive Desktop Push Notifications; Manage Notifications, Issues, Pull Requests & Activities; Bookmark things for later.

Free & Open Source
Cross-platform (desktop & mobile)

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Join 30,000+ Developers & Managers

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Desktop app, with Push Notifications

Choose between two modes: Desktop or Menubar; Enable Push Notifications only for the columns you want

Filter by labels and many other filters

All columns support a common set of filters, like Bot, Label, Issue Status, Text, etc. The Issues & Pull Requests columns are special: they give you all the power of GitHub Advanced Search on your hands (filter by assignee, number of comments, ...)

Watch user activities

Create a column for each person and see what they are up to: Commits, Comments, Issues, Pull Requests, Tags, Releases, ...

Cross Platform

The same experience on all your devices